• Get a quick overview of your collection, plays, spending and more.
  • Contains information about what each chart includes.
  • Customize the dashboards to suit your needs.


  • Fetch your public data from BoardGameGeek™.
  • Manually upload private data, without compromising your BoardGameGeek™ account security.
  • Fetch new data whenever you need to.


  • Group all connected games, expansions and stand-alone expansions into sets.
  • By having sets you will see everything relevant to that set in one place.
  • Sets are automatically created leaving no manual work to be done.


  • List pages contain more detailed information than dashboards.
  • Choosing an item in a list gives you even further information.
  • Easy to sort and find what you're interested in.


  • View your spending habits and plan your budget accordingly.
  • Choose your monthly budget to check your progress in charts.
  • Check the current marketplace value of your collection.


  • Use custom tags to mark your games acquired from or sold in trades.
  • The trade list shows all trade transactions that has happened.
  • Money received is used to reduce costs of sets and increase your budget.